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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a hole in a plane. as investigators begin to
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understand what caused it, two new discoveries are raising concerns that it was not an isolated incident. good sunday, i'm craig melvin. new developments as southwest airlines inspects its entire fleet of boeing 737s. cracks have been found in two more planes. the cracked resemble ones found in the jet that developed a five-foot hole mid-flight friday. a nine-foot section of that jet is being overnighted to d.c. tom costello starts us off tonight. >> reporter: on the tarmac in yuma, arizona, investigators have been cutting out a nine-foot section of the fuselage that will be sent back to the ntsb lab in washington for fettle fatigue tests. the flight data recorders are already in washington. new photos of the five-foot hole that opened up just 18 minutes into flight, and the passengers on board wearing oxygen masks. the ntsb said today the tear in the fuselage happened along a
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lap joint in the plane's skin. >> and we have clear evidence that the skin separated at the lower rivet line. a preliminary on-site examination reveals
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we are following new developments in today's deadly hit and run along i-66. virginia state police say they think they have found the driver of a taxi who struck and killed a man and kept going. now they're looking for two witnesses who were passengers in the cab.
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darcy spencer is live outside lucky bar tonight in northwest washington where police believe those passengers hailed the cab. >> reporter: the cabbie told police he picked up two fares along connecticut avenue in northwest washington at lucky's bar. they were in the cab when there was a fatal hit and run on i-66. he then dropped them off at the vienna metro station. police want to hear from those two fares. virginia state police say they have located a cabbie who may have been responsible for the fatal hit and run on i-66 in fairfax county about 3:00 sunday morning. police say the driver of a bmw pulled over onto the shoulder west of route 7 and let out a passenger who was sick. 23-year-old daniel park was struck and killed after he walked into the travel lanes. the driver didn't stop. in the wreckage, authorities found a rooftop taxi light believed did to be used by cabs operating in the district. police describe the vehicle as a ford crown victoria, white but
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originally painted burgundy, missing the rooftop lights and has front-end damage. >> the rooftop light, the way they're worded and designed corresponds with the way the d.c. operating cabs, what they have to have in regulation for their cabs. >> reporter: police say they are trying to verify the cabbie's story. he tells police he picked up two fares at lucky bar on connecticut avenue northwest and they were in the vehicle at the time of the crash on i-66. he says he dropped them off at the vienna metro station after the incident. >> i was hoping that we could locate and talk to the two individuals, the two fares that were in the back seat of the cab. they're potential witnesses right now. this will help us validate the information this driver's been telling us and help us move this case to the next step. >> reporter: police are not providing any additional details in terms of what the cabbie told them about this incident or even
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what company he worked for. they say they're focusing their investigation right now on finding these two individuals who again were inside this cab when there was a fatal hit and run early this morning. those two individuals asked to call virginia state police at 703-803-0026. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. craig, back to you. >> thank you. folks, we're following breaking news in the district. where two people have been shot. it happened in the 3900 block of pennsylvania avenue in southeast. according to police at this point, two people were shot inside a car. the victims then managed to drive a little ways and crashed into another car. at this point police are still searching for suspects and a motive. at this point, we do not know how those shootings victims are doing. d.c. police are investigating a possible hate crime after slurs were discovered written on cars. someone found the vandalism on three cars parked on cathedral
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avenue behind the national cathedral. someone had written slurs in sharpies on the cars. at this point, no arrests have been made. vie lent protests against americans across afghanistan today. crowds shouting for u.s. troops to leave. they burned president obama in evgy and stomped on an american flag as well. thousands burned tires to block highways in the eastern provinces. the violence was sparked by a florida pastor who burned the koran, and the trial of u.s. soldiers accused of killing afghan civilians. back here, if you take the 14th street bridge to work, you might want to leave early tomorrow. construction on the bridge could cause some major delays for drivers who take 395 north. tomorrow crews will close the center lane on the north end of the bridge. islands of construction will split lanes of traffic. the 14th bridge rehabilitation project is supposed to wrap up
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this fall. we're following several other big stories in the week ahead. parents and school officials in frederick will meet tomorrow to talk about violence in school. the meeting follows several recent incidents including one where a 15-year-old student took a loaded gun to school. the meeting is tomorrow night at 6:00 in ballenger creek middle. congress must reach budget agreement or risk government shut-down. republicans and democrats are far apart. if agreement is not reached by friday the federal government could shut down. that could mean hundreds of thousands of federal workers won't get paid. it could also close museums and end many nonemergency services. it is gun week at george mason university. a group of students are fighting for the right to conceal and carry on campus tomorrow. some will be wearing empty holsters as a silent protest. supporters say students should be allowed to defend themselves if there's a shooter on campus. opponents say more guns on
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campus is simply a bad idea. still ahead, hometown heroes. d.c. youth basketball team returns to virginia and hordes of fans. also, it's the next big thing. but would you buy electronics from a vending machine? what about a pizza? jose conseco's doppelganger drama. what he's saying now about using his brother as a stand-in. we had quite a light show this evening across parts of especially northern maryland. we may be under the gun for more thunderstorms tomorrow night. coming up on "sports final," wizards look to make it two straight wins. also, a nationals assistant coach has put his family first. and this nascar driver gets a ride on the hot seat literally. ♪
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wreckage from the air france flight that crashed off the coast of brazil nearly two years ago has finally been found. all 228 people on board died. this weekend an underwater search team discovered debris from the plane off the coast of brazil. investigators hope the wreckage will help figure out what caused that plane to go down. last month air france and airbus were charged with manslaughter over the crash. walgreens is the latest company to get hit by a massive hacking attack. a hacker broke into the files of epsilon, a marketing company which sends out billions of e-mails every year for clients. so far the data breach has casked capital one, citi green, tivo, hs, jpmorganchase and kroeger company. companies are telling customers breaches are limited to e-mail addresses and in some cases first names. a vending machine that dispenses gold. it is part of a growing trend to
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automate shopping and eliminate the salesperson and the store. mary parks talked to one of the guys behind this new trend in self-service shopping. >> reporter: forget chocolate, sodas and chips. these days, you can buy an iphone, designer perfume, even fresh pizza from a vending machine. >> we're working with large retailers, as far as putting their products inside of displays that you can actually dispense now. >> reporter: shannon illingworth, football player turned entrepreneur, coined the term automated retailing, changing the way people buy and sell products. >> coys are the thing of the past. using tracks to sell products now. cookie to deodorants to razor blades to feminine hygiene. >> reporter: at the hub of the trend a younger generation he says that is technology driven. we visited the corona headquarters where these vending machines of the future are being made. this machine will eventually
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advertise pens half gallon containers of milk. with the wipe of a credit card buy iron-glad gloves, heavy-duty work gloves used in dozens of professions. another machine geared to stock baby wipes and diapers. >> swipe your credit card, put your usb port in there, select which movie you want. >> reporter: this is flicks on sticks. a vending machine that lets you download to your flash drive and erases the material after a few days. the software holds movies, tv shows, games and books. >> you can take a standard def movie, it requires about a 1 or 2 gig flash drive. if you're getting into hi-def or blu-ray titles, you're looking at 4 to 5 gigabytes. >> reporter: this entertainment on the go sells for as little as a few dollars. mary parks, nbc 4, l.a. the high school prom was cut short in new hampshire this weekend. several students got sick possibly from eating marijuana-laced brownies. students were send home from the junior prom friday night. officials say someone passed
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around the pot brownies before students met to take buses to the event. at least four students got sick. three of them ended up in the hospital. the school district superintendent says the students involved will be punished. the vcu basketball team returned home to richmond today. they returned to cheers despite their disappointing final four loss. excited fans, young and old, greeted tired players as they got off the bus there in richmond. in the crowd, large signs. lots of foam fingers as well. all there to thank the young men for a spectacular season. they may have lost the shot at the title game but fans still love them and the players held their heads high with pride. >> thank god for your support and we love you. coming back to richmond and all this love, it's a lot of love, true fans. >> not everybody can be in houston but it means a lot after a loss to have everybody here. it was a great four years. >> we did a great thing. we plan on continuing the success. >> not everyone took the team's loss well.
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some fans rioted after last night's game. police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to subdue the crowd there. dozens were taken into custody. fortunately, no one was hurt. the national mall cherry blots blossom festival ten-mile run. as the day progressed and warmed crowds spread over the tidal basin. today was arguably the best day so far this season for taking in the blossoms. >> oh, this is lovely. came over from west virginia where we had snow on the ground this morning. so it's very nice coming to a nice spring day. >> i think it's great. >> really? >> absolutely. we've enjoyed the blossoms. we're glad it's warmer than the other day. >> not raining. >> the cherry blossom festival ends april 10th. what a day to get out there. you're saying tomorrow's going to be better. >> oh, yeah. a lot warmer tomorrow. in fact, it's the intrusion of the warm air, the warm front coming through sparked off a light show in the sky.
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especially up across the great state of maryland. a lot of folks have been calling and e-mails to say there's a lot of lightning out here. look at that shot. live right there from our city camera view back towards capitol hill. absolutely amazing night for lightning. little in the way of rainfall out there. i'll show you the radar in just a second. boy has it been lighting up the sky. several hundred strokes in just the last couple of minutes. 59 our high temperature today. we might be able to do almost 20 degrees better than that for tomorrow's high temperature. and then tomorrow night starting about this time tomorrow night to daybreak tuesday morning we may be under the gun for more thunderstorms. those will contain heavy rain as well which could really interfere with the tuesday morning commute. right now temperatures in the low 50s around town where there has been a little more in the way of rainfall. back into the upper 40s now across parts of northern maryland. here's a look at the rainfall amounts. hagerstown, less than .2 inches of rain.
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.02 in frederick, maryland. trace amounts around town. here's doppler. look at that thin band of showers there. not much in the way of rainfall. we put it into motion and add lightning, here's our lightning counter. it's a ten-minute running count. 168 strikes in the last ten minutes. that's trending downward. so you can see here right along interstate 70 through northern howard county, up into southern frederick county, maryland, that's that very intense line of lightning-producing thunderstorms. so if you live out here towards columbia or much of northern and eastern parts of montgomery county, that line is sagging slowly and settling down to the south. it might even be able to hold together long enough to make it to the capitol beltway. that's the only game in town. it really is a very prolific lightning producer for now. it's right along the edge of the warm front as it's starting to push much warmer air in our direction. we're in the low 50s here. low 60s in roanoke. current temperatures. after 11:00 at night, low to mid 70s across part is of kentucky and ohio.
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the warm air is moving on in as the warm front lifts on out, things will quiet down. it will be a beautiful start first thing tomorrow morning. then a really nice day coming up. a strong southwesterly breeze tomorrow will put temperatures 75 to near 80 tomorrow. all that ahead of the next weather system we're going to have to watch. this is our future cast model. this is 11:30 tomorrow night. this time tomorrow the front on our northwestern doorstep. by 7:00 tuesday morning the bulk of the rain and the thunderstorms will be coming through. again, tuesday morning's commute could be very slow going. then cloudy and chilly day on tuesday. could get 1 to 1.5 inches of rain with those storms tomorrow night. morning, partly cloudy and mild. temperatures upper 40s to near 50. a warm and windy day tomorrow. highs up close to 80 degrees from time to time. highs only in the 50s on tuesday. but the rain out of here by about lunchtime. wednesday looks very nice. partly sunny. 62. thursday even better. sunshine and near 70. more passing april showers
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possible as we get into the end of the week and next weekend. tomorrow we'll have to watch carefully. more lightning and add heavy rain. you might have missed the boxing match but jose canseco is fighting back nonetheless. still to come the baseball great says he knows how to prove he did not scam a boxing promoter. we'll tell you about that. torpedo derailed? why some people say charlie if you want less, you can always have less.
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mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. the washington wizards. for them the end of the season can't come fast enough. >> yeah, you know. you have to have fun with the rest of the season, though. with the games you're playing, you've got to make -- >> it was a nice spin out. >> i'm just trying. i don't want negativity around here. >> stay the same, play all the games. >> the wizards are rolling on the road.
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haven't heard that many times this year. for the first time this season, washington has won back to back road games. tonight the wizards beat the bobcats. john wall back in the lineup after a one-game suspension for punching miami's ilgauskas. third quarter. wall gets the steal, goes straight to the bucket for the dunk. wall went for 18 points. wizards have a 52-43 lead. less than two minutes to play. andray blatche. he's talented. working down low. misses his shot. but he stays with it. tips it back in. blatche finished with 25 points, 17 rebounds. wizards win 97-91, improving to 3-35 on the road. throw a party. baseball. nats against braves. jordan zimmermann on the mound. top five. pitching to martin prado. prado drives one into the gap in right center. here comes the relay. rick ankiel up with it. the throw to danny espinoza. short hops him. he can't handle it. braves pitcher tim hudson dives
11:24 pm
in head-first. braves 3-1, an error on espinoza. top seven. doug slaton on in relief. brian mccann up with the bases loaded. bounces to the left side. that's playing the shift. desmond can't get to it. two runs score. in the eighth, braves put up six runs, they win it 11-2. soccer against the colorado rapids. chilly in denver tonight. 70th minute. d.c. united in white, down 1-0. great ball to santino quaranta, first goal of the year, game tied 1-1. seconds later, the rapids answer. anlgtdsny wallace. bottom of your screen. sends it into the box. and jamie smith using his noggin scores on a header. d.c. united loses 4-1. what's coming up on "sports final" you ask? >> hey, coming up tonight we're
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talking hoops. and a lot of it. not just college hoops but nba hoops as well. with turner sports analyst david aldridge. >> yes, sir. >> our hometown guy. must start with the final four. butler back in the championship game taking on unfortunately-con. i'm not going to ask who you're picking. i want to ask why these two teams are in the championship game. >> i think experience. i think they defend. they both have dynamic one on one players who can create at the ends of game, end of shot clocks, get baskets when nobody else can. >> you can say with a straight face you don't think there's going to be a full nba season next year? >> i would be shocked if there's a full nba season. unfortunately because of the labor situation. >> david aldridge, shocked. we'll tell you why coming up on "sports final." >> just got to congratulate you. you are an engaged man. >> i am. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate it. >> engaged to the queen of d.c. >> oh, yes. thanks. >> how about that. he's running for employee of the month. >> there's no following that.
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after the break, second time's a charm. a different kind of reception for charlie sheen. [ horns honking ]
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11:29 pm
feldman to take a lie detector test. despite bombing on opening night, charlie sheen's "violent torpedo of truth" tour rolls on. tonight's crowd in chicago gave sheen a standing ovation. according to tmz the show got started with a poem from sheen about why he hates detroit. based on reviews from audience members from last night's show in detroit, the feeling is probably mutual. >> ten minutes in the show and i'm leaving, it's horrible. it's not winning, it's losing. >> if he thinks this is going to be a show, he needs to get some other people helping him out. >> waste of money. sell them while you can. it's awful. >> the tour has 18 cities left, including a stop here in d.c. but that's on april 19th. some folks are predicting the tour will be cans delled before it gets to d.c. when we come back, a little bit more for you.
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there's a new hit reality show on the web and it's family friendly. an eagle family, streaming video of two bald eagles incubating three eggs in a nest 80 feet high in a cottonwood tree in iowa. the website has recorded more than 10 million hits from 130 countries. people got what they've been waiting for. one baby eagle hatching. breaking through the shell. the other two are expected to hatch soon. tonight we leave you with some really cool video of the lightning that we've seen throughout our area tonight. "sports final" straight ahead. ♪
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